Canada UAV Multirotor Club

Ottawa, ON, Canada

This is a group for anyone interested in everything Drones and FPV (First Person View). All skills levels are welcome to attend even if you do not have a drone but would like to experience flight Canada UAV may even have demo nights and will have drones for users to test out. We will be scheduling events twice a month, most months with one large FPV race to determine the Eastern Canadian FPV champion in partnership with the IDRA (International Drone Racing Association). If you love drones and anything to do with drones this is the meetup you surely won’t want to miss!

We will be putting together a nice list of basic do’s and don’t’s. We are asking those who plan to join and fly to be confident enough in your skill level that you won’t hit the Dome (shouldn’t be leaving the track), unless of course a mechanical failure.. Each pilot will be responsible for their own damages to any facility. Please make sure you are familiar with changing video TX frequencies to ensure those flying are on a different frequency. Depending on turn out, we will be flying in groups between 4-8 pilots at a time, hopefully assigning frequencies. There will be zero tolerance for any pilot on the side line who powers up their drone when it’s not their time to fly, if it is, a mandatory “powering on!” will be announced to the flying pilots. Not only does this drown out nearby pilots video, but it can result in damage to the facility or spectators, if someone loses visual of their feed. Please note that these are FPV events only, we do not have the space in the smaller domes to make a designated standing area for LOS flyers, yet.. If you must fetch your drone while others are in the air, the fetcher is responsible for making sure he/she is out of flying way. If the person fetching is hit by a flying drone, it is NOT the Pilot’s fault. If there is any misbehavior or we feel someone’s skills aren’t indoor worthy, we will have to ask you to stop and come back and try again after more practice. If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask prior too. We want this to be a fun time for everyone to enjoy. It will likely take a few sessions to get things running smoothly. Please keep in mind, we want drones to have a great reputation since it hasn’t been done before, we need to show the owners that this can be controlled safely. These are public spaces and the Doms are used before and after us most of the time. Please keep that in mind as we will likely have public spectators and the time it takes to help set up and take down the course. If you would like to maximize your flying time, please show up early to help set up on the side lines and discuss your frequency with one of us. Please keep in mind until we make some official rules, we are open to suggestions and how we can improve the events to keep everyone happy!

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