Drone Racing – It’s taking the world by storm!

It’s a new sport & it’s taking the world by storm. New drone racing clubs are popping up all over the world, with more and more newcomers to the sport becoming totally hooked to the adrenaline charged activity.

Drone racing is all about speed and excitement. It consists of very small but very fast remote piloted aircraft flying around a circuit that contains obstacles such as flags and airgates. Unlike usual motorsports, a drone racing circuit is three dimensional and sees them flying over, around, under and even through the obstacles. These daring new pilots stay firmly in their chairs but they fly with the view of sitting in the aircraft they’re controlling. The technique is called first – person – view or FPV for short.

Given all the regulations that these speed enthusiasts face with safety and a plethora of other issues, these new racing clubs commonly race in an underground or enclosed facility such as old abandoned warehouses or carparks (after hours of course). Many out side venues tend to be private property fieds and even forests.

The racers are commonly all men of mixed ages, wearing mostly jeans, T-shirts, and cargo shorts. More than a few work in the computer industry in one capacity or another, and all are racing small, custom-built drones constructed around 25-centimeter-long X-shaped carbon fiber frames, with four propellers —or props — on each corner.

Crashing is both a constant threat and a shared joy at FPV races. Some drones are clothes-lined by tree branches, others get snarled in bushes, some bounce off the rocks, and more than a few fail before they’ve even crossed the starting line, thrashing about on the floor in a cloud of leaves and dirt like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

Whether FPV drone racing is headed for the big time or not is a popular topic of conversation. More than a few organizations have already taken the initiative and declared themselves the official so-and-so league for their own country or region, but as sports go, FPV drone racing still feels refreshingly free-wheeling.

The secret of drone racing’s rapid development lies in the technology needed to participate. Nearly all of the required components are relatively cheap and quite accessible, & this is the exact opposite of most motor sport.

The main elements of a drone racing set-up are the drone itself, an on-board video camera, a decent video transmitter, a pair of immersive video goggles and a set of remote controls. All of these components are now just an internet order away!